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HUGE! 3.04" Fossil Great White Shark Tooth

HUGE! 3.04" Fossil Great White Shark Tooth

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Item Specifics:
Species: Carcharodon carcharias
Location: South Carolina
Formation: Hawthorn Formation
Age: Miocene ( 2.6 to 15 Million Years )
Size: 3.04” Width: 2.08”

Comments: An overall killer & HUGE fossil great white shark tooth from South Carolina. Please note that this tooth did have professional restoration done to the root. The blade was found in pristine condition, but because of the location that it was found, the root was nearly completely eroded away. So, to bring this tooth back to its former glory, I got the root professionally restored. Especially since the size of this tooth is beyond rare for a fossil great white. Other than that, this is a perfect tooth for any collection! This specimen would have came from an adult great white shark with a length of about 25-30 feet.

This tooth has been Professionally Restored!

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