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Fossil Megalodon Tooth Display Piece

Fossil Megalodon Tooth Display Piece

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Item Specifics:
Species: Carcharocles megalodon
Location: South Carolina
Age: Miocene ( 2.6 to 15 Million Years )
Size: Height: 5.9” Width: 3.5”

Comments: A really nice custom fossil megalodon shark tooth display piece. This piece shows the predatory relationship between the fierce megalodon shark and the whales that it used to prey on. Both the megalodon shark tooth and the whale vert are 100% authentic, however, the display is a staged piece, meaning it was made by myself. To find something like this fossil hunting is very very very very rare if not non-existent. This is just something cool to have as a nice display for your collection.

100% Natural No Repair or Restoration!

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