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Beautiful, 2.28" Fossil Megalodon Tooth - Venice, Florida

Beautiful, 2.28" Fossil Megalodon Tooth - Venice, Florida

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Item Specifics:
Species: Carcharocles megalodon
Location: Venice, Florida
Age: Pliocene-Miocene (4-7 million years old)
Size: 2.28” Width: 1.71”

Fossil Megalodon Tooth

Introducing our exquisite fossil Megalodon tooth, a captivating relic from the depths of history! This stunning specimen hails from the ancient waters near Venice, Florida, dating back to the Pliocene-Miocene era. With dimensions measuring 2.28 inches by 1.71 inches, this Carcharocles megalodon tooth is a testament to the immense size and power of one of Earth's most formidable predators.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Carcharocles megalodon tooth
  • Exceptional provenance: Sourced from Venice, Florida
  • Impressive size: 2.28" x 1.71"
  • Ideal for collectors of all ages
  • Versatile display options

This fossil Megalodon tooth is the ultimate collector's item, offering both historical intrigue and aesthetic appeal. It's perfect for anyone with a passion for paleontology or a fascination with the ancient creatures that once ruled the oceans. Display it proudly on a shelf or desk, where its imposing presence and intricate details can be admired, or protect it in a display case to preserve its pristine condition for generations to come. Whether you're adding to an existing collection or starting a new one, this Megalodon tooth is sure to be a prized centerpiece that sparks conversation and wonder. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of prehistoric history – order yours today!

100% Natural with No Repair or Restoration!

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Authenticity Guaranteed:
We guarantee the authenticity of the megalodon teeth we sell. We deal with trusted sources and are also known to be able to identify every megalodon tooth ourselves. All of our megalodon teeth are guaranteed to be 100% natural with no repair or restoration. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

Carcharocles megalodon, the apex predator of its time. Own a piece of marine history and marvel at this prehistoric giant's sheer size and power. Add a touch of antiquity and wonder to your collection with this genuine megalodon tooth fossil.

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